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4chan slowpoke meme

4chan slowpoke meme

Spare a thought for the everyday Australians who share their streets and backyards with ripped roos. When Kellie Baker shared a pic of a bulked-up kangaroo in Canberra, it inspired others in the Australian capital to share pictures of their own encounters.

The massive marsupials are believed to wander into suburban areas for food or water, just like one large male spotted desperate for water during the bushfires last year. When Kellie Baker shared a pic of a bulked-up Canberra kangaroo picturedit inspired others in the Australian capital to share pics of their own encounters.

The massive marsupials might wander into suburban areas for food or water, such as one large male spotted desperate for water during the bushfires last year. Carolyn May said she encountered lots of roos during the fires last Summer because they were searching for food and water. Pictured: A kangaroo and some joeys on Ms May's partner's property. Kellie Baker saw this hunky kanga 'who looks like he's on steriods' in a family-friendly cul-de-sac in Ngunnawal in the Australian Capital Territory, the ABC reported.

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Local Steph Burgess shared her own pictures of a male kangaroo hanging out in her Canberra front yard. Ms Burgess was used to roos, having one who hung out in her yard so often she 'was practically a pet'. Tragically, Slowpoke stopped coming around after the horrific bushfire season last summer.

Canberran Carolyn May said she is also familiar with kangaroos and told Daily Mail Australia, 'I see them all the time in my partners property'.

She shared some images of big boy roos, and said they were likely males because of their size and because they were alone. She encountered one during the fires and drought last year and said he was 'haggard and he just looked tired. Local Steph Burgess shared her own pictures of a male kangaroo pictured hanging out in her Canberra backyard.

4chan slowpoke meme

She had another smaller kangaroo, Slowpoke, who would spend time in her yard so often she was 'practically a pet' but hasn't been since last summer. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Share this article Share. Read more: Update Your Browser Facebook.

Share or comment on this article: Well that's not your usual neighbour! HUGE kangaroos are spotted in Canberra e-mail Just a note - given thisthis article should absolutely not be unprotected while it's on the main page.

In fact, it might be worth increasing it from semi to full protection. Raul talk12 January UTC. This is a serious issue, I believe: Wikipedia should not promote such a website. I'm a bit concerned that the free media attention generated by this article might motivate some users there to post stuff that is worse than usual. If you do not believe me check moots own sig at 4chan I am fine with the name being lower case. However, at the beginning of a sentence I think it should be upper case.

What do others think? I would think it would be fairly easy to source a statement about the site's logo being based on Yotsuba as well as all of the and most of the ban pictures.

Or would it fall under the "obvious" category? This makes me assume that, if I was able to find a valid article, the information that was removed would be allowed.

Is this the case? The lede for this article is pretty short for a featured article, and I worry that removing statements as OR might get excessive. Please make sure that a statement you remove from the lede as unsupported by evidence is actually not supported by citations deeper within the article. Protonk talk12 January UTC.

Boxxy is a notable figure. Not notable enough to have her own article, but notable enough to have a small section of the 4chan article. Newguineafan talk13 January UTC. It's not worth mentioning because it's not a meme and never will be. Take this section out of the article! Why are the recent images cropped out? Tomorrow allot of 4chan users will flood wikipedia in protest of the whole first page thing, disturbing images will probably be all over.

Atleast thats what they are threatening to do! Thats not concern to me as there will be no problem in bypassing such mediocre blocks! You fail hard. We do NOT want to be on the front page of wikipedia. Take the article down and any attacks anonymous has planned will cease.

4chan slowpoke meme

Only morons find vandalizing random articles funny.Trump is coming under considerable criticism for his comments about a movement called QAnon; Gillian Turner reports. The QAnon movement, and the conspiracy theory motivating it, has been gaining considerably more media attention in the last year and in recent weeks -- specifically in the wake of the deadly Jan.

QAnon started on the 4chan message board -- an anarchic image board that features discussions, images, memes and theories on everything from politics to anime. There, a person claiming to be a highly placed government official -- who went by the name Q Clearance Patriot -- began posting in The drops are cryptic and laced with symbolism and hints.

QAnon followers see Trump as a figure fighting back against those forces, ordained by God to fight back against the global cabal culminating in a process called "The Storm. Many looked for hints in Trump tweets and speeches, believing he is communicating or confirming the Q drops. However, many in the movement have been reportedly dismayed by Trump's election defeat and concession -- which goes against that narrative -- although others have come up with ways to work around this.

Now we need to keep our chins up and go back to our lives as best we are able," one major Q administrator said after President Biden was inaugurated. Some believe it is more than one person, while others believe it started as a joke that got out of control. Twitter announced it had suspended more than 70, QAnon accounts in the days following the Jan. Facebook disbanded more than 57, pages, groups, Facebook profiles and Instagram accounts as well.

QAnon had received media coverage throughout but that ramped up considerably after the Jan. The mob consisted of Trump supporters as well as QAnon supporters wielding signs and Q slogans. One man, who described himself as "QAnon Shaman" and sported face paint and a furry hat with horns, became a global image of the protests themselves.

The Department of Homeland Security has since issued a bulletin warning of "ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, [who] could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence.

Greene, a freshman rep from northwest Georgia, sought to introduce herself to the House last week as a "very regular American" who didn't trust the government and media and went down a wrong path with QAnon conspiracies that she now regrets. And that is absolutely what I regret. If it weren't for the Facebook posts and comments that I liked inI wouldn't be standing here today," Greene said.

Greene said she's since "walked away" from QAnon and when she ran for Congress in she never campaigned on any of the conspiracies that she posted about in However, a number of top Republicans have urged the party to unequivocally reject the conspiracies. Ben Sasse, R-Neb. The GOP must reject conspiracy theories or be consumed by them.

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Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Trump praises supporters of QAnon conspiracy theory Trump is coming under considerable criticism for his comments about a movement called QAnon; Gillian Turner reports. Adam Shaw is a reporter covering U. He can be reached at adam.

Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.The board's intended purpose is the "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. The researchers concluded that "'fringe' communities often succeed in spreading alternative news to mainstream social networks. In particular, the board is infamous for the prevalence of antisemitic threads and memes.

Many have speculated whether the website is kept online as a honeypot for far right groups or to monitor extremists. Davis who said "The CIA Niggers glow in the dark, you can see them if you're driving, you just run them over, that's what you do.

A spokesperson for Google said that the thread appeared because search queries and news about the man were rare allowing for the thread to appear in the top stories section of the man's name but the thread did not appear in broader searches about the Las Vegas shooting.

USa performance art project made to protest Donald Trump's presidency. Users of the site devised a prank to make the OK hand sign appear to be a white supremacist symbol; this was done to "troll" the media into thinking it was, and thus cause the reporting of fake news. The sign resembles the letters WP, which users said stands for white power.

The percentage of posts containing hate speech ranges from 4. Elevated use of hate speech is seen in Western European countries e. According to Community Security Trustmany threads contain "explicit calls for Jews to be killed". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Political discussion board on 4chan.

Part of Jewish history and discrimination. Three Ds Working Definition of Antisemitism. Antisemitic canards. Antisemitic publications. Antisemitism on the Internet. Prominent figures. It did — ages ago.Yes, it is.

Talk:4chan/Archive 12

There were many earnest comments regarding proposed content on this locked topic. It appears that whoever has taken it upon themselves to manage this page has lost sight of that, possibly because of miles of inane chatter, but no single person can be the judge of the relevancy of a whole discussion page! This is simply unacceptable by any standard. I think this shouldnt even be mentioned in the article, it wasnt so important and things like that happen almost every day in 4chan.

Having done a fair bit of work cleaning this up, I'm thinking of nominating it for GA and then move on to FA at some stage. Anyone have any comments on this? Just putting it out there. Who has the right to state something is "notorious"? It wasn't sourced or anything, but it was re-added without explanation by Giggy.

What gives? Only one board is devoted to gay male images and they must be softcore yaoi illustrations, which is a niche that mainly appeals to heterosexual women. Posting images of male pornography involving real men results in banning from the "random" board.

The promise of "random" banning is a smokescreen.

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I have noticed that the article has been scrubbed of the "fags" references, which is nice to see, but the site's philosophy is still clearly one that does not allow full participation by gay and bisexual men.

I would like to see 4chan publicly state that it has this anti-gay policy, instead of hiding behind "random" banning. Fag is used as a suffix for a variety of group titles. But for future reference, the line is "not your personal army". Still, it was a good one. I'm sorry, but what I'm hearing here is that somebody got bullied and now wants to try to make it some kind of lightning rod "issue".

But the woeful, awful, slings-and-arrows injustices of a random pornographic website are not notable except to those they inconvenience- er, I mean, deeply wound and wrong.

Let's start again. This time show me the source that you are going to use for your claim.

no ylyl thread? [23]

Protonk talk5 August UTC. It says so right in the rules you want to quote, OP. If you're so upset by this, just email moot. And besides, think about it. You complain about the anti-gay bias of 4chan, down to people using the word fag as a suffix to denote groups of people. Do you really think a gay board would be at all well received? I wish there was a gay board, even though I myself am not gay.

4chan slowpoke meme

It's only fair, after all, and if I don't want to look at gay porn, I don't look at it. My suggestion is not to bitch on Wikipedia about it, because we can do absolutely nothing about it. Go to moot with your grievances. Howa talk5 August UTC. While terms such as newfag, oldfag, Ausfag, and Britfag are prevalent still, most of these are at worst bastardized pejoratives which have lost their meaning, much like the word motherfucker is a stock insult rather than an implication that someone actually fucks their own mother, and the rest are often just friendly, if a bit insulting to the uninitiated, general terms for whatever specific group they are mentioning.

And in the context of the hardcore board, if you want my guess, I'd bet that homosexual pictures are banned simply because that's not the kind of porn that the people demanded, and that instead of getting a relatively healthy board, moot would instead get a board that serves only to generate mounds of complaints from people bitching about how the content is not to their liking.Animation which aired from [2] to on Kids' WB.

The final episode, containing the segments "The Tail End? The show follows Looney Tunes characters Sylvester and Tweetyalong with their owner Granny and bulldog Hector Sylvester's foil in many s era shorts, here given a redesign similar to Marc Antonyas they solved mysteries around the world.

Sylvester, of course, is still trying to eat Tweety in the meantime, with Hector acting as the bird's bodyguard. The first season was dedicated to the memory of Friz FrelengWarner Bros. The show originally consisted of one case per 23 minute episode, however starting with the second season, the show consisted of two separate minute mysteries.

The latter-day Warner Bro.

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Coyote do not appear in this series, however, Colonel RimfireCool Cat's nemesis, does appear in the series. The final episode of the series never aired on Kids' WB in which, after decades of trying, Sylvester finally succeeded in eating Tweety, but it turns out to be a dreambut did air on Cartoon Network in This release comes exactly 13 years since the premiere of the show.

No further DVD releases have been announced.

4chan slowpoke meme

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Television series. Archived from the original on 10 April October 22, The Los Angeles Times.

Retrieved 23 March Happy Holidays—Animated! Archived from the original on Retrieved Television portal United States portal Cartoon portal. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Animation —present.I think this artice should be on the Internet Memes Category.

That's what I came to the article looking for Crowley29 May UTC. Leaving it on the talk: page seems like the best plan. I have just made a variety of edits to the article that, hopefully, will lead to improved readability. Plovis13 June UTC. I'm removing the fox news reference, it has nothing to do with 4chan.

It was in fact about chan, which the anonymous informant strives to counter act. It has nothing to do with 4chan, it can be put in an overall "Anonymous" article, but has no place here. They never once show 4chan or mention 4chan in the video. Also, rules 1 and 2. I noticed that this article was deleted for an odd reason. To the editor responsible, it would be best if you explained yourself, as well as why restore it for equally odd reasons.

Unless it was a mistake of course. Deleting fairly well established articles is rather unusual policy. This section needs revising by someone who knows the history. Parjay26 July UTC. The section on the Fox 11 report is not supported whatsoever by the source provided - the video it references makes no mention of 4chan at all, and this passage in the article is nothing but the contributor's own take on who the "Anonymous" in the report is discussing.

It should be removed until proof is found. Aceya29 July UTC. Ive removed it, it has nothing to do with 4chan whatsoever. It was in fact about chan, where the informant previously posted. Robnubis29 July That may be the case, but they certainly don't explicitly name 4chan. The link is tenuous at best - certainly not enough to warrant adding it to wikipedia.

Even if they did, why should it be on here? A mention in a local news report?

QAnon: What to know about the fringe conspiracy theory and its influence

Nothing but pointless trivia. That section was also put in anonymousthe article. But it was removed because of being "related" to 4chan instead of anonymity itself. Where does this belong?

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Maybe it's just "pointless trivia". People - watch the video. It doesn't name 4chan at all, only some vague concept about "Anonymous" which 4chan shares with a myriad of other sites. The only way you'd even know this was even remotely related to 4chan is if you were a regular of the site. If we're going to be adding little tidbits on to wikipedia pages every time Fox News does an investigation of a web phenomenon or on some other sensationalist garbage then this place is going to get full of crap.

Maybe if this were some federal attorney investigating the site then it would be worthwhile, but at the moment all it is is some local tv network running filler material.

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